Star Wars BB-8 droid is here.

Star Wars BB-8 droid is already here. Hollywood movie – Star Wars – The Force awakens is going to be released in December and there would be many toys and other characters would be in market during promotions and after release. BB-8, created by Sphero, is going to get your attention in every case.┬áThe people who would love to have a intelligent robo at their home, may also like it very much. It’s an intelligent droid which come with mobile app to be controlled and has it’s own intelligence to decide about surrounding environment.

It’s a very attracting and sophisticated toy with robotic ball inside which has an electric motor which keeps it alive. It connects to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth .

You can use the interactive mobile app to control, move and do lots of other stuff with it. App has tons of sound effects and Start wars theme music.

If you are star wars fan, you are definitely going to like it.

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