PrecisionHawk – Unmanned artificial intelligence aerial system

PrecisionHawk is an information delivery company that combines unmanned aerial systems, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and remote sensing technologies to improve business operations and day-to-day decision making. Founded in 2010, PrecisionHawk brings value to an emerging market by offering an end-to-end solution for aerial data gathering, processing and analysis to provide actionable information across a wide range of data-intensive civilian industries.

PrecisionHawk’s unmanned aircraft system is a small, robotic plane that can collect extremely high-resolution, remote sensing data with minimal effort. The aircraft itself is lightweight (1.3 kilograms), small (less than 1 meter from nose to tail), silent (runs on brushless electric motors) and is designed to be extremely easy to use. The aircraft automatically computes flight paths, survey parameters, take-off and landing paths, as well as other vital information. Once the survey is complete, the on-board computers will automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks and transfer all remote sensing data, flight information and diagnostics to remote servers. Users are never required to manually generate or plot mission paths or build flight plans based off of weather conditions. Instead, the aircraft will automatically adapt to its current conditions.

The artificial intelligence that operates all elements of the UAV, including the aerial and data decisions throughout the PrecisionHawk system, is the core reason behind PrecisionHawk’s ability to secure sub 1 cm per pixel imagery, a market-leading aerial resolution. The Artificial Intelligence approach also eliminates the need for a technical operator.  In addition, the aircraft is equipped with advanced diagnostic capabilities, enabling it to monitor all facets of the mission from power consumption to airframe fatigue to survey quality. The Lancaster MK III operates at altitudes below that of manned aviation. This reduces the burden of extensive regulatory requirements and provides data resolutions of sub 1cm per pixel.

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